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Drawbar Springs

Stanley Spring manufactures compression springs with similar properties as an extension spring, with the main difference that it’s fitted with a drawbar. Stanley’s drawbar compression springs are strong and can withstand enough stress to not reach coil bind. Made from any grade of hard-drawn wire, music wire, or stainless steel, one of the main characteristics of drawbar springs is that overstretching is eliminated as they have a fixed stop when the spring goes solid height, eliminating buckling as well. 

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A huge advantage to Stanley’s drawbar springs include a built-in safety feature that will allow it to continue to carry a static load when broken, making them a great spring to use if overload situations occur. The load is applied at the ends of long steel loops passing through the center of the spring in drawbar springs, and are hooked around the opposite end, allowing for the spring to compress upon loading.

Drawbar springs complete the same functions and have the same properties as extension springs, but regular extension springs undergo many cycles of deflection resulting in failure, whereas extension springs fitted with a drawbar tremendously reduce failure. 

In order to withstand enough stress so that coil bind is not reached, Stanley Spring puts our experience and expertise to use during the design and production phases, in close collaboration with each customer. The drawbar, made from any grade of stainless steel, music wire, or hard-drawn wire, will be extremely strong if it’s fabricated from the same diameter of wire used for the spring. Stanley Spring’s experienced team ensures that the drawbar ends are closed so that overstretching and buckling are eliminated.

Stanley Spring has the experience our customers trust in producing quality drawbar springs based on the unique specifications of each customer, for a wide array of applications. Drawbar springs are commonly used by Stanley Spring customers for the following applications:

  • Porch Swing Support
  • Pool/Tarp Covering (when attaching)
  • Fence/Gate Tensions
  • Marine Vessel/Boat Mooring

Contact Stanley Spring today and let us know how you’re planning to utilize drawbar springs. We’ll work closely with you to make sure whatever application in which they’re being used is successful! 

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Thank you all for the great response, especially you Leonel, I appreciate the extra you put into this. If you hadn’t done what you did we would have closed a full production line and sent home a bunch of people.

- Mark