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Extension Springs

Because custom springs account for a significant portion of our business, Stanley Spring has developed an expertise in custom fabrication. We’re proud to manufacture and offer high grade extension springs that store and absorb energy while creating resistance to a pulling force. Initial tension, which determines how tightly an extension spring is coiled, can be measured to achieve the load requirements of the particular application our customer chooses. 

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Stanley Spring will fabricate, to customer specification, the exact direction the helix is required. All of our extension springs are wound with an initial tension force equal to the minimum force required to separate adjacent coils, offering a small deflection to handle the load and rate. Stanley extension springs are of the constant diameter type and include a range of hook or loop styles. They are produced with full diameter loops at an arbitrary position, with loop openings that are about one wire diameter, with the direction of the wind optional.

Stanley extension spring can be produced in alternate distances from the spring body with ends that include threaded inserts, crossover center loops, hooks, extended twist loops, expanded or reduced eyes, teardrop shaped ends, and rectangular ends. At the design stage of Custom Extension Springs, The length of the hooks at each end of the extension spring can be adjusted during the design phase so the required spring load is achieved at any extended position. Stanley Spring will collaborate with each customer to ensure all of their extension springs specifications are met.

Depending on the application of the extension springs, a variety of loop or hook configurations can be designed by Stanley Spring. Stanley Spring’s customers typically use our custom fabricated extension springs for the applications:

  • Garage Doors
  • Washers
  • Swings/Trampolines/Toys
  • Tools

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Great news Tom. Thank you and your team for making this happen.

- Shawn L