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Belleville Washers

Most often used in high load bearing bolted joints to add flexibility and allow for thermal expansion and vibration, Belleville washers help to maintain distance between machine parts. The conical configuration of Belleville washers allow them to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights. Stanley Spring’s Belleville washers are most often used to solve thermal expansion, relaxation, vibration, and bolt creep issues.

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Disc springs, as Belleville washers are sometimes called, are commonly used in stacks or singly in order to achieve a particular load and travel. The Belleville washers produced by Stanley Spring generate high force within a very short spring length when compressed, allowing for minimal movement.

As with all of our products, Stanley Spring produces Belleville washers under the strictest quality control standards. To prevent loosening while under load over time, all Stanley Spring disc springs are preset.

By stacking Belleville Washers in various configurations, additional load flexibility will be realized. Stanley can produce the washers according to the specific needs of our customer, whether Single, with one washer, Parallel, stacked the same way, Series, which are stacked opposite each other, or a combination of both, called Series-Parallel.

Customers in the following industries typically contact Stanley Spring for Belleville washers:

  • Automotive
  • Building/Construction
  • Defense

If your company is in need of Belleville washers, also sometimes called coned-disc springs, conical spring washers, disc springs, or cupped spring washers, please contact Stanley Spring today. We work with each customer to ensure that the products we produce meet not only their specifications and standards, but our own as well.

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