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To our valued customers, Stanley Spring and Stamping wants you to be assured that we are here, fully operational and are continuing to meet your needs. The COVID-19 virus has provided us all with challenges, but we are doing what needs to be done to keep our employees safe. Let's work through this pandemic together.


Custom Spring Manufacturer & Supplier

Spring Supplier for Demanding Clients in a Wide Range of Industries

Stanley Spring & Stamping is a leading spring designer and manufacturer for many successful companies in a variety of industries. We’re proud to produce the highest quality springs using the best quality materials possible. The spring manufacturing experience we have spans decades, with a focus on precision and reliability. Our mission continues to center around overwhelming our clients with unmatched customer service, precision, and trustworthiness.

What kind of spring do you need?

Stanley Spring & Stamping’s expertise includes manufacturing the following springs:

Our skilled experts are the designer and the manufacturer of any spring you need. We make springs using the latest CNC machines as well as mechanical machines. Stanley Spring can also handcraft springs if needed. If you’re not sure of the spring design that you’re looking for, we have an experienced technical staff that will discuss your individual requirements in simple terms and produce a spring design that meets those requirements.

Let’s take a quick look at the type of springs supplied by Stanley Spring and a brief description:

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are also known as helical springs and are commonly made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or another metal. A torsion spring applies a rotational or torque force.

Tapered Springs

Tapered springs are designed so that each active coil fits within the next. This allows the tapered spring to take up less space. They are used in applications that wouldn’t typically have enough room for a regular cylindrical spring.

Compression Springs

A compression spring is usually made of metal, and they are known as one of the most energy-efficient storage devices available.

Garter Springs

A garter spring is a coiled, circular shaped spring that is used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used for shaft seals, oil seals, electrical connectors, and belt-driven motors.

Variable Pitch Springs

Variable pitch springs can have different rates. While the spring is compressing, they can have a progressively increasing or decreasing spring rate by varying the pitch, or the center to center distance between the coils.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are helical wound coils that are typically made of metal. They are designed to create tension.

Barrel Springs

A barrel spring produces a linear force where the outer diameter, at the top and bottom, is smaller than the center outer diameter. They are designed to prevent buckling.

Progressive Rate Springs

Depending on the type of demand being made, a variable spring rate in progressive rate springs are able to react in different ways. Progressive-rate springs become rigid as they compress.

Stanley Spring strictly adheres to the latest industry standards and our quality control and inspection teams allow us to produce custom springs delivered with accuracy and precision. Our state of the art equipment enables us to handle any spring a client requires, regardless of complexity. Working with Stanley, you can be assured of on-time delivery as well as great customer service and an overall high level of quality.

Give the spring experts at Stanley Spring & Stamping a call to discuss your spring needs. Contact us today as we’ll be happy to provide a quote as well. Experts in custom spring manufacturing, We’re the spring supplier you can count on to design and manufacture reliable, durable springs to meet any need. With many manufacturing capabilities in house and over 65 years of experience, Stanley Spring can make the product you need.