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To our valued customers, Stanley Spring and Stamping wants you to be assured that we are here, fully operational and are continuing to meet your needs. The COVID-19 virus has provided us all with challenges, but we are doing what needs to be done to keep our employees safe. Let's work through this pandemic together.


Custom Spring Fabrication & Manufacturer

Stanley Spring & Stamping has been your one stop shop for custom spring fabrication for over eighty years. Contact us today and request a quote for your next custom spring project.

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Custom Spring Manufacturing

Stanley Spring and Stamping manufactures precision coiled springs for products in many different industries. We are experts in raw materials and fabrication and many customers rely on us for high-quality parts at a fair cost, produced on time and on budget.

custom spring fabrication

Types of Springs

Springs are very common in many different products in a wide range of industries. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and a common trait they all share is their usefulness. From the toy industry to aerospace and automotive, springs are a critical piece for so many products. Springs can be found in all kinds of machines, from household appliances to heavy industrial equipment. They store mechanical energy and are used in many popular applications. In this post, we’re going to discuss different types of springs and how they’re commonly used.  

Torsion Springs

As opposed to being compressed, torsion springs are wound tightly like an extension spring, or pitched, and pre-loaded to store energy. The ends typically extend away from the spring body in a non-helical shape and many are produced as a result of engineering concerns about friction developing between coils. Some types of torsion springs include a pitch, and others do not. The pitch can help reduce friction building up within the coil structure. Torsion Springs are commonly used in automobile manufacturing, home appliances, outdoor power equipment, and electronic applications.

Compression Springs

Compression springs are fabricated from wire. They are well-known as one of the most energy-efficient storage devices available. Depending on how they’re being used, they can store mechanical energy, resist force, or do both. Compression springs are used by Stanley Spring’s customers in medical devices and instruments, various electronics, and major appliances, among others.

Conical Springs

Conical springs are a type of compression spring that are cone-shaped. One end of the conical spring has a larger diameter than the other end and the cone shape comes from the change in diameter that occurs when the spring spirals down from one end to the other.  Conical springs are used in many applications and play an important role in many household appliances as well as cellphones and other specialty equipment.

Tapered Springs

Tapered springs are designed so that each active coil fits within the next, resulting in the tapered spring taking up less space. This is valuable because it allows them to be used in applications that wouldn’t usually have enough room for a regular cylindrical spring. A standard, helical compression spring that is not-tapered can buckle, but Stanley’s quality tapered springs provide additional stability where needed. Many Stanley Spring customers use tapered springs for electrical contacts like push buttons as well as battery contacts.

Variable Pitch Springs

Variable pitch springs differ from regular compression springs that are built to have a linear spring rate. Variable pitch springs have coils that are closer together in some areas and more widely spaced in other sections, and the spacing between the adjacent coils of wire is known as the pitch. Stanley produces variable pitch springs that have a progressively increasing or decreasing spring rate as the spring compresses.  Variable pitch springs provide flexibility and will change based on the load balance, and they’re commonly used in the automotive industry. Motorcycles and race cars use variable pitch springs to provide better handling as well as shock absorbers. 

Extension Springs

Extension springs are helical wound coils made of metal designed to create tension. Extension springs are important parts in many products that Stanley’s customers produce, including washers, swings, trampolines, and other applications. Extension springs absorb and store energy as well as create a resistance to a pulling force. Extension Springs are attached at both ends to other components. When these components move apart, the extension spring will pull components together again. 

Garter Springs

There are typically two kinds of garters springs; compression and extension. A garter spring is a coiled steel spring that is connected at each end to create a circular shape, and is used in oil seals, shaft seals, belt-driven motors, and electrical connectors. Compression garter springs exert outward radial forces, while extension garter springs exert inward radial forces. The manufacturing process is not much different from the creation of regular coiled springs, with the addition of joining the ends together. Stanley produces garter springs that are designed to withstand pressure from all directions, making them extremely effective at handling changes in temperature, pressure, and volume.

Barrel Springs

A barrel spring is wider in the middle than on the ends, allowing for better stability because the pressure is distributed differently. The design of barrel springs prevents buckling and reduces space. There are many different design options available, making barrel springs a versatile spring that is beneficial in the agriculture, aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. They are also commonly used in furniture and toys. 

Anti-Kink Springs

As the name describes, these springs prevent kinks in products such as garden hoses and other consumer products.  Specially designed anti-kink springs fit on the outside of hoses, tubes, and other pliable items to prevent bends or kinks. Stanley can produce your anti-kink springs in many different metal types, in a full range of sizes.-

If the spring you need is not listed here, please ask - We can make it!

Our products over the years have been used in nearly every imaginable machine or device including consumer appliances, outdoor power equipment, lighting, leisure gear, automobiles, airplanes, commercial machinery and much more.

In addition to making the best quality spring in the marketplace, we also know how important it is to produce your product on time and on budget.

Your project will start with a customer consultation where we will sit down and discuss your specific needs and requirements. From there we will advise you on the best kind of metal for your spring, such as hard-drawn wire, bronze, nickel, chrome, silver or Elgiloy. Our wire diameters can go up to .207” and be any length that you require. We are proud to say that our products will meet tolerances of +/-.001”.

Seamless Spring Supplier

We believe the only way to ensure the highest level of efficiencies and quality control is to offer a seamless end-to end service model. We will not only produce new springs to your exact requirements, but will also verify existing designs with regard to torques, forces and stresses.

Along with our many other offerings, we can also provide die engineering, assembly and packaging services to suit your needs.

Since 1944, Stanley Spring and Stamping has been providing high quality springs to customers in just about every industry.  We are continually dedicated to providing excellent, high quality products to our customers on time, every time. 

Lastly, but just as importantly, our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified in addition to holding certifications in PMA, ASTM and DIN.

Our experienced team provides a fast turnaround, successfully meets short lead times, and offers reliable, efficient service that you can trust. We take the necessary time to get to know our customers and create tailor-made products to meet their exact needs. If you’re in need of any of the types of springs described here, please contact us today and we’ll get started on ensuring your success!

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