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To our valued customers, Stanley Spring and Stamping wants you to be assured that we are here, fully operational and are continuing to meet your needs. The COVID-19 virus has provided us all with challenges, but we are doing what needs to be done to keep our employees safe. Let's work through this pandemic together.

Extension Springs

Stanley Spring is your ideal partner for the creation of long lasting, high quality extension springs. We’re proud to manufacture high grade extension springs that store and absorb energy. These springs also create resistance to a pulling force. We are here to provide the custom extension springs you need. 

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What is an Extension Spring?

An extension spring is a type of spring, often made of metal, designed to create tension. Extension springs are helical wound coils fabricated for this purpose. Extension springs are vital parts in countless every day, household items.

What are Extension Springs Used For?

You might have noticed extension springs in many of the common items listed below. 

  • Appliances, including ovens and microwaves
  • Washers
  • Swings
  • Trampolines
  • Toys
  • Tools

Why Choose Extension Springs from Stanley Spring?

Stanley Spring offers help with every aspect of the extension spring fabrication process.

  • We will discuss your project-specific needs
  • We can design the spring you need – our spring designing skills are exceptional.
  • Our designs will take load weight and specific project needs into account.
  • Extension springs are often made of steel, alloys and other metals. We can help you choose the right material for your extension spring.
  • Stanley Spring will fabricate, to customer specification. We do need the exact direction of the helix.
  • You will receive springs that are designed for purpose and to the weight of your load.

The resulting extension spring will be a high quality product that you can trust.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the premium quality springs that are best for your project.

Contact Stanley Spring

For high quality, custom-made springs, contact Stanley Spring.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and guide you on the best spring type and specifications for your project.

Contact Stanley Spring today to find out more about our extension spring fabrication expertise. We are experienced spring designers and fabricators, operating as a family owned business since 1944.

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Great news Tom. Thank you and your team for making this happen.

- Shawn L