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To our valued customers, Stanley Spring and Stamping wants you to be assured that we are here, fully operational and are continuing to meet your needs. The COVID-19 virus has provided us all with challenges, but we are doing what needs to be done to keep our employees safe. Let's work through this pandemic together.

Custom CNC Wire Bending Services

Stanley Spring is your ideal partner for the creation of long lasting, high quality extension springs. We’re proud to manufacture high grade extension springs that store and absorb energy. These springs also create resistance to a pulling force. We are here to provide the custom extension springs you need. 

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What is CNC Wire Bending?

CNC wire bending involves bending and cutting wire to form. Our skilled team members and reliable machines can ensure your wire forms are cut with absolute precision.

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. CNC wire bending uses newer equipment than other types of precision wire forming. Stanley Spring is equipped with the latest servo technology that can be programmed to meet exact specifications. Our high-tech CNC wire bending machine and software can create 2D and 3D parts.

What is CNC Wire Bending Used for?

There are countless uses for CNC wire bending machines. Stanley Spring most often uses CNC wire bending machines to create a range of wire formed parts, most often:

  • Torsion Springs (light duty automotive and outdoor power equipment springs in particular)
  • Wire Forms (medical device handles in particular)

As skilled CNC wire benders, Stanley Spring can conduct CNC wire bending on a wide variety of materials, including but not limited to:

  • Music wire
  • Hard drawn wire
  • Basic wire (Bare metal and pre-galvanized / zinc coated)
  • 300 series stainless steel
  • 17/7 stainless steel (all standard materials)
  • Brass
  • Beryllium Copper

We can use CNC wire bending techniques on wires of unlimited length, and can bend wire from .008” to .250”.

Why Choose CNC Wire Bending from Stanley Spring?

Since 1944, we have been trusted to provide precise, accurate, reliable parts for our customers. We have vast experience in making metal parts and CNC wire bending is an area of expertise for our team. We will shape your wire into the specific part you need.

Customer Service Commitment

While technology has modernized, we retain the same core values as when Stanley Spring first started in business.

We value every customer we serve and are committed to providing exceptional customer service at all times. We are easy to communicate with, and will always deliver high quality products on time and to budget.

We value our customers success, and provide quick turnaround times and a personal approach to customer service.

As a family owned business, we have family values and are a close, supportive team. We will go above and beyond to serve you, meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact Stanley Spring

Our friendly team members are ready to take your call and discuss your project goals. Contact Stanley Spring today to find out more about our CNC wire bending expertise.

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Customer Service Commitment

We understand the power of customer service, tailored to you, when it complements a depth of business experience and modern, reliable technology. We personally answer every call because that's where our attention to detail begins.

Stanley Spring and Stamping Corporation is compliant with all industry standards and has the relevant certifications to support all quality commitments.

For more information on our precision stamping capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.