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Variable Pitch Springs

Variable pitch springs have coils that are closer together in some areas and more widely spaced in others. The spacing between adjacent coils of wire is known as pitch. Variable pitch springs produced by Stanley have multiple rates or a progressively increasing or decreasing spring rate as the spring compresses. Stanley Spring has the expertise to design and manufacture both variable pitch and variable bar springs. 

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Similar to progressive rate springs, variable pitch springs are different than regular compression springs that are designed to have a linear spring rate.

Variable pitch springs can have multiple rates or, while the spring is compressing, they can have a progressively increasing or decreasing spring rate, by “varying” the pitch, or the center to center distance between the coils.  By lessening the amount of active energy absorbing coils as they become inactive and no longer absorb energy during compression, because some of the coils close up faster than the others, the spring in turn becomes stiffer and the rate increases. 

Stanley Spring offers variable pitch springs to many customers in the automotive industry, as the springs offer flexibility and will change based on the load balance. Many race cars and motorcycles use variable pitch springs to allow for better handling as well as shock absorbers.

Stanley Spring is constantly looking for efficiencies through innovation for our customers, and we’re proud to use the latest technology to provide variable pitch springs that allow for increasingly greater ranges between rates. We have the experience team members with the expertise to collaborate with any customer to design variable pitch springs that will fill any need and meet any requirement.   

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