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To our valued customers, Stanley Spring and Stamping wants you to be assured that we are here, fully operational and are continuing to meet your needs. The COVID-19 virus has provided us all with challenges, but we are doing what needs to be done to keep our employees safe. Let's work through this pandemic together.

tapered springs

Tapered Springs

Stanley Spring offers compression springs that are cone shaped, called tapered springs, to provide near constant spring rates and significantly more travel than traditional compression springs. This is achieved by nesting active springs within each other during compression. Commonly used for applications such as battery contacts and push buttons, Stanley’s tapered springs provide stability when a regular compression spring buckles or bends.

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With a large selection of tapered springs available, Stanley Spring will work with you to ensure the tapered springs we produce will properly work within the chosen application. 

A valuable characteristic of tapered springs is that they’re designed so that each active coil fits within the next, so the tapered spring takes up less space, allowing them to be used in applications that wouldn’t typically have enough room for a regular cylindrical spring. Stanley also produces tapered springs that are made so that when the spring is compressed, the load versus deflection curve gets steeper while the larger diameter coils bottom out. Because of the flexibility of the larger-diameter coils causing continuous contact with each other, an increase in the applied force is necessary to compress a tapered spring. This attribute can be a plus for vibrating products that use tapered springs as they reduce the bouncing usually found in spring supported, constant diameter systems.

Stanley’s tapered springs provide stability when a regular compression spring buckles or bends. Many Stanley Spring customers utilize tapered springs for electrical contacts like push buttons and battery contacts.

Contact our team today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular needs. Stanley Spring is committed to producing quality custom tapered springs while providing hands-on support and outstanding customer service. 

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Great news Tom. Thank you and your team for making this happen.

- Shawn L